wall of gratitude

i am happy to be unstuck. the price that i pay for that freedom, at least in the form that i have chosen, is disconnection. life on the road is often solitary, and those connections that i do make are usually fleeting.

i think that psychologists agree: connection and gratitude rank amongst the greatest sources of happiness. so, in a further attempt to ‘hack’ the nomadic lifetyle, i am creating this ‘wall of gratitude’ (well, ‘sidebar of gratitude’ which is populated by comments to a hidden page on the site) with the hopes that i will occasionally go back through the comments to relive the gratitude and to feed connection by helping me to reconnect with those to whom i am in debted.

so, look to my sidebar (or the comments on this post, which are used to populate the sidebar) to see the most recent people for whom i am grateful..


27 thoughts on “wall of gratitude

  1. Hey, Aaron, or should I say aaron? Don’t know how I stumbled upon this, but I’m glad I did! this is totally random, but just wanted to say how i love that you don’t capitalize i. i’ve often been uncomfortable with capitalizing i. i’ve never searched the history on why this decision was made, but to me, this capitalization really shows how much we think ourselves and how little of others. Maybe from now on i’m gonna start capitalizing You instead. The real trouble will be re-training my typing fingers . . .

    • angie – someone sent me a lowercase email a long time ago…maybe 20 years ago. at least 15. i loved it…a new aesthetic for a new medium. i later learned that the person hadn’t intended to use lowercase or even make a habit of it. but it became my ‘thing’, much to chagrin of pentagon staffers. fortunately, when i was wing exec at mcguire, the cc didn’t mind; he thought that it was distinct and that it helped people know that the email came from the head office. not everyone was so supportive. i had some folks challenge me and say that it was against air force regs.

  2. Hey Aaron. I didnt get to say goodbye when you left Ness…where are you now? I wish you joy and enlightenment on your travels. And don’t forget that sometimes the best things happen when you are lost. 😉 Julie

    • hello, julie. i’m glad you found me. as i think you’ve discovered, i’m in lerwick. i arrived today and will be here for at least until the new year, after which i stand a better chance of finding a fishing boat bound for norway. i hope that you’ve gotten settled in inverness. merry christmas.

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